COVID-19 Update:

To assist you in communicating your mission, culture, procedures, and training to your existing employees/students, we are extending our signup discount during this time of need. Please contact us at 1-800-517-3055 ext. #1 on how to get started.


Like a Pro!

Staff Orientation Made-to-Order

Now that the hiring is done and the perfect staff members are hired …
it is time for the On-Boarding process!

No More Paperwork!

Enjoy Fast, Fun, and Organized On-Boarding!

Simply give your staff position-focused codes and let JT Hoops provide an organized, paperless process that sets the standard for your new hires.

Your new staff members are given an organized checklist of all orientation requirements. With each list done, they are rewarded. When their tasks are complete, we provide them with a digital notebook of all requirements in one easy-to-access location, covering requirements as:


Pre-Orientation Checklists for New Hires to do Before Arriving at the Office.

Setting up an Employee Account may be tedious with other systems, but for JT Hoops it is a breeze. Sending a single program code to your new hire is all that is required. The new employee can provide the information you request from the comfort of their home, and the convenience of using their mobile phone.


Pass files to Departmental Colleagues to pick up where you left off.

Automated actions notifies other departments for next-step checklists such as Payroll, Manager, and Facility Manager to keep the on-boarding process rolling along smoothly. Granular Security allows each department access to only the files they need to process your new hire.

JT Hoops Enhances our Communication, Speeds Up the Mandatory Paperwork, and sets our New Employees On-Track for Success! I LOVE IT!

With JT Hoops, our on-boarding paperwork was cut from 2.5 hours, down to 30 minutes! Now I can focus on the Employee instead of the paperwork. An unexpected bonus was that the application is so organized, it made our new employees organized too! I can’t imagine on-boarding without it!

Blanca, HR Specialist, Head Start of Lane County