Secure Healthcare HIPAA Compliant Forms

JT Hoops offers online healthcare forms and reporting for a simple, hassle-free flat-rate fee. No stress needed! Experience safe, secure, mobile friendly forms at your fingertips.

No need to worry about learning a new technology, secure servers, or adding time to your schedule to build your own. Our friendly expert staff will turn your PDFs into sleek online forms with complete reporting capabilities.  (In most cases our turn around time is within a week, and in some cases even an hour!)

We built your custom forms, keep all reporting accessible 24/7, and have secure servers, you will never be left without a solution. We even provide payment forms for online payments, fundraising, donations, and other safe economic transactions without additional fees.

Free COVID-19 Forms with Subscription

Better manage patient medical details and supporting documents with our a customized online Medical Log Template, available in spreadsheet, card, or calendar view. Choose HIPAA compliance to receive a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and keep patient health data protected.

With JT Hoops’ online COVID-19 Vaccination Database, your healthcare organization can expertly collect and manage patient contact details and health information, as well as track vaccine appointment dates, e-signatures, documents, payments, and more. Just fill out the attached form on any device to auto-populate your database, or enter information directly into JT Hoops’ Tables — available to view as a spreadsheet, calendar, or individual cards for each patient. Submissions can even be converted into professional PDF documents automatically! Customize the attached form or COVID-19 Vaccination Database in a few clicks with our user-friendly interface.

JT Hoops protects data with GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, and a 256-bit SSL connection, as well as optional HIPAA compliance Save time by streamlining the way you collect and manage patient data with an online COVID-19 Vaccination Database.

A COVID-19 patient symptom tracker is used by healthcare organizations, medical practices, and hospitals to keep track of patients’ coronavirus symptoms, test results, and more. With an online COVID-19 Patient Symptom Tracker, doctors and other medical professionals can expertly track patient contact details, test dates and results, symptom lists, temperatures, medications, and more in a professional spreadsheet-database platform. Upgrade from paper medical forms and manage your patients’ information online with a free COVID-19 Patient Symptom Tracker!

If your medical facility is distributing COVID-19 vaccines to eligible citizens, organize submissions through your consent forms or vaccine administration forms with our free COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Log Template. To get started, connect our COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form or COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Record to this readymade log template. Using JT Hoops’ Tables, you’ll be able to view submissions as a spreadsheet database, calendar, or easy-to-read cards that you can easily share with other staff members.

Free with your subscription: Healthcare organizations use a COVID-19 log sheet to track everyone who enters their building, making contact tracing easier and working to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Fill out the table manually, or have people enter their info into the attached COVID-19 Staff and Visitor Record Form. Submissions will then auto-populate into your online table, easy to access and share on any device.

Healthcare Form Examples

The New Patient Enrollment Form which personal information, contact information, emergency contact people area and medical history information are provided allows you to have an easier and faster registration process.

Free online healthcare CRM tool for private practices. Easy-to-view spreadsheet. Easy to customize. HIPAA compliance option. No coding.

If you run a private practice and need an uncomplicated CRM that isn’t going to break the bank, you’re in luck! JT Hoops’ free online Healthcare CRM Template is the perfect tool to help you collect and manage patient information in one secure, easy-to-access space. To get started, simply embed the attached form in your website and watch submissions appear in the spreadsheet automatically! We will customize the forms you need to register new patients, schedule appointments, and more.

Adding HIPAA compliance ensures that sensitive health data is protected according to industry standards! With an easy-to-use Healthcare CRM, you’ll be able to keep track of patient info with ease and stay organized without taking away time better spent saving lives.

Give your patients a seamless, contactless experience when they arrive at your medical clinic or hospital. The Patient Sign In Sheet makes it easier than ever for patients to sign in before attending their scheduled or walk-in appointment. Simply leave the spreadsheet open on the waiting room tablet for them to fill out — or have them complete a sign-in form using any device prior to their appointment. Their submissions will automatically appear in the spreadsheet, which will be easy to view, edit, and share with receptionists and administrative staff.

Record patient progress online with this free spreadsheet for doctors. Works on any device. HIPAA compliance option.

Keep track of patient appointments with JT Hoops’ Doctor Appointment Sign-In Sheet. Your customized Online Doctor Appointment Form is added to your website or can be share via email to let patients schedule their appointments online. Their appointment requests will automatically appear in the table and a calendar to better view your upcoming schedule. You’ll be able to download your Doctor Appointment Sign-In Sheet as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file and access it from any computer, laptop, or mobile device.